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About Us

Our Family-centered Practice

About Kane Family ChiropracticSince 2001, we’ve made family wellness the focus of our chiropractic care center. Kane Family Chiropractic is passionate about working with Fort Mill community members of every age and background, from newborns, babies and children to moms, dads and grandparents.

We feature state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, including digital X-ray imaging. Our office also emphasizes research-based techniques that provide consistent, reliable results for our practice members.

Our Vitalistic Practice Philosophy

We follow the health care model of vitalism. Vitalism simply states that there’s a force greater than ourselves that deserves our recognition, respect and trust. This force is also known as the “intelligence of life,” and this wisdom interconnects with all living things.

We believe that processes of the body are not to be feared, but trusted. Our practice also emphasizes an underlying confidence that healing and optimal function are not only possible but inevitable in the absence of interference.

One Miracle Out of Many

Not long ago, a patient brought in her daughter to receive chiropractic treatment for bed-wetting problems. While talking with this woman, Dr. Kane noticed that she was becoming emotional. She confided to him that she had been in a severe car accident five years earlier and since that time had been in constant pain. She was taking many drugs, had lost her job and couldn’t function well as a mom. She admitted she was feeling severely depressed.

What changed was that she began to receive consistent chiropractic care.

Fast forward to a few years later: this same woman now owns her own business, has regained her mothering capabilities and completely turned her life around. She’s no longer defined by pain. This seeming miracle became possible through the partnership of a dedicated doctor and a hopeful patient, both with a vision of a happy outcome.

The nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord, and it runs everything in the body. If you’re experiencing interference in this system through spinal misalignment, the body will be unable to do what it’s supposed to do. This dysfunction includes an inability to self-heal. Chiropractic removes the interferences and allows the body to thrive.

If you’re ready to regain your health and experience wellness, contact our office today; we look forward to helping you!

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